Planning a holiday?

Planning a holiday with Oh So Cherished

We LOVE holidays! Who doesn’t? If you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere hot and adventurous or cold and cosy this year, here are a few products to keep in mind when you’re planning that special trip.

The necessity

If you’re anything like us (a little forgetful…) then a travel wallet or organiser is a must for any holiday. This bright and beautiful travel wallet is the perfect companion to make sure you’re all set and haven’t forgotten your passport, travel documents, money or flight details. Filled with pockets and pouches, we love this oh so handy wallet.

Travel Wallet from Oh So Cherished
Travel Wallet


The recommendation

It is certainly our recommendation that you take a journal or notebook on any holiday. Being able to read back through your experiences and memories from travels across the globe is something special. Whether it’s a leather filofax style journal or a simple lined notebook, choose your weapon and get writing. It might seem like a bit of a pain at the time, but trust us, those memories will be worth it!

OHSO462-2T Old Cracked Leather Travel Journal from Oh So Cherished
Cracked Leather Travel Journal
CAV001-2T Travel Notebook from Oh So Cherished
Travel Notebook


The perfect companion

St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and legend says he’ll keep any traveller safe on their journeys, making him the perfect companion for any trip. Whether you would like to wear him as a bracelet, keyring or wristband, we’ve got plenty of options available.

OHSO1005-2T St Christopher Wristband from Oh So Cherished
St Christopher Wristband
OHSO914(A)-2T Gold St Christopher Bracelet from Oh So Cherished
Gold St Christopher Bracelet
OHSO883-2T Sterling St Christopher Keyring from Oh So Cherished
Sterling St Christopher Keyring


The mementoes

We all wish our holidays could last a little longer, right? Well you might not be able to have another two weeks off work but we can help keep the holiday memories alive with a few ways to keep mementoes and photos safe. Our oh so sweet travel keepsake tin is perfect for kids to fill with their own little memories, be it a shell from the beach, a ticket stub or their own drawings. And for all those wonderful holiday photos, our white linen travel album will keep them safe for years to come.

RED013-2T Travel Keepsake Tin from Oh So Cherished
Travel Keepsake Tin
LAL096-2T Travel Small Album from Oh So Cherished
Travel Small Album
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