Meet the Team

Introducing the Oh So Cherished team…

Here at Oh So HQ we’ve been manufacturing impeccably quirky, beautifully designed personalised gifts with a unique twist for the past 10 years. Oh So Cherished started as a spare bedroom startup back in 2006 selling half a dozen wedding guest books and founder, Sarah, together with a team of amazing staff have built a collection of personalised gifts and fun gift ideas you will love, of course with second to none customer care and attention to detail that extends though everything we do.

So without further ado…introducing the Oh So HQ team!

Sarah Blake Oh so Cherished Ltd
Sarah Blake
Creative Director & Founder

Recently married, caffeine addict, chicken loving (live ones, of course), wannabe counsellor who’s shy at first but dispy when you get to know her. Giver of good advice that she seldom follows herself, not yet matured beyond using innuendo and a sprinkle of sarcasm…oh, and Founder of Oh So Cherished!

Gitte Olesen Oh So Cherished Ltd
Gitte Olesen
Content Administrator

An eager traveller – originally from Denmark but lived in Cambodia and Australia, recently settled on the Isle of Wight and is creator of all Oh So product content. Mum of three, never sitting still, home cook, cyclist and gardener who’s just started sewing. Always busy with some outlandish project…usually met with trepidation from her husband.

Abigail Hennings Oh So Cherished Ltd
Abigail Hennings
Marketing Coordinator

Keen Cake Friday baker with the best cinnamon bread recipe going, succulent obsessive (the plant) and wannabe singer with pink hair who’s mum to a child of the feline variety…which is basically code for crazy cat lady.  She’s always on the lookout for a new craft to try her hand at and is manager of all things marketing at Oh So Cherished.

Hazel Garlick Oh So Cherished Ltd
Hazel Garlick
Dropship Administrator

Seems to have a bit of a habit of choosing jobs in converted barns but  here at Oh So for nearly 2 years (and is sure this is the nicest barn, of course!). Makes sure all orders make it to paper and looks after our lovely Dropship clients. Enjoys garden-wrangling, has two (quite grown-up) girls, two cats and a cupboard full of craft WIPS…that’s works in progress!

Hugh Whittle Oh So Cherished Ltd
Hugh Whittle

Our podcast listening Engraver here at Oh So Cherished is a book reading, long suffering Arsenal fan who enjoys listening to loud music (luckily for us, mostly in his headphones), exploring unusual places and drinking too much coffee! When he’s not playing with his beloved dog, Alfie, or watching movies, he’s here engraving your personalised messages.

Beverley Bax Oh So Cherished Ltd
Berverley Bax
Customer Service Advisor

Happiest when having fun…be that in high heels or walking boots with a natural zest for life and ‘immune to gloom’! Wedding lover (that’s why she’s had so many!) whose perfect day would be spent with her four kids or snuggled up with the fiancé and a Jack Daniels. In charge of keeping indoor plants alive here at Oh So and keeping customers happy, of course. Our beloved Beverley always has a smile…she’s making every day count.

Lucy Molyneaux Oh So Cherished Ltd
Lucy Molyneaux
Warehouse Picker & Packer

True crime addict, often heard listening to Disney soundtracks in the warehouse…which are loved by (nearly) all here at Oh So! Ballet liking owner of the lovely German Shepherd, Archie (whose photo is displayed proudly in the packing area) with an ever-changing, eclectic taste in music and the one responsible for making sure our packages and parcels start their journey to your front doors.

Rob Tiley Oh So Cherished Ltd
Rob Tiley
Personalisation Technician

An avid sail boat owner often found on the water of a weekend.  Has two grown up kids so more time to enjoy his other passions like fly fishing, clay shooting and golfing – he’s quite the sportsman don’t you know?  Ex-small business owner in the print and sign making business with particular penchant for Portuguese wine (should you ever wish to purchase any) now in his 7th year with Oh So.

Dawn Stevens Oh So Cherished Ltd
Dawn Stevens
Quality Controller

Radio 2 loving, slightly eccentric grandmother of three with a keen eye for detail who likes everything neat and tidy (good for us!). Takes a keen interest in wedding orders (been a bridesmaid for a whopping 7 times), knows everything there is to know about the band Twenty One Pilots and makes sure all our products go out in tip-top condition here at Oh So.


Nicky Marinelli Oh So Cherished Ltd
Nicola Marinelli
Creative Studio Assistant

Graphic designer, fluffy pomchi  (that’s a Pomeranian- Chihuahua) owner with two teenage children who wears many hats here at Oh So Cherished. Married into Italian family (good job she loves the food) and an avid theme park visitor, she has a definite artistic flare, loving all things pretty!


Debby Chambers, Buyer at Oh So Cherished
Debby Chambers
Rheanna, Studio Assistant at Oh So Cherished
Studio Assistant


Andy, Personalisation Assistant at Oh So Cherished
Personalisation Assistant