International Kissing Day

Oh so sweet gifts for your loved ones

This week we’re all celebrating International Kissing Day! We’re sure you give your loved ones big kisses all the time but Thursday 6th July is the perfect opportunity to spoil them rotten and give them one extra oh so special kiss. So whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, mum, daughter, sister or best friend, show them how much you love them with a big fat kiss!

The significance of kissing in different cultures varies so here’s a bit of background…

  • ‘Eskimo kisses’ or rubbing noses together are actually a practice shared by many across the world!
    In Italy & Greece, kissing on the lips is a common way for friends both men and women) to greet each other.
    In France, two air kisses, one on each cheek is a customary greeting.
    The first on screen romantic kiss was in the 1896 American silent film The Kiss!

Pucker up!

ALI21-2T Kiss Necklace from Oh So Cherished
Kiss Necklace
OHSO105-2T Pugs & Kisses Keyring from Oh So Cherished
Pugs & Kisses Keyring
HAR2569-2T My Kisses Bracelet from Oh So Cherished
My Kisses Bracelet
GEC011612-2T A Hug & A Kiss Pearl Bracelet from Oh So Cherished
A Hug & A Kiss Pearl Bracelet


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