I had to feed my perpetually hungry cat

Oh So Cherished is 10 years old this year, a massive deal as online companies come and go so quickly. We are so proud to be still here and loving every minute of it. We have grown from being a spare bedroom start-up in 2006 to a team of 12 dedicated staff. We design and manufacture all our own products and love nothing more than when you love those quirky little products we produce.

I started Oh So Cherished out of desperation, I was desperate not to have a boss, my bosses were lovely – in case your reading guys. I’m just quite stubborn, wilful and I really was cr*p at following rules. It was inevitable that being an employee wouldn’t quite suit. We went together like a fine wine and a Big Mac.

I spent years struggling with naysayers. You wont become a graphic designer (my school teacher when I was barely 16), you can’t stock our brand you’re just another kid setting up an online store. You have Dyscalculia – you really think you can start a business. With every persons doubt in me, it just made me want to achieve it more.

I did get to art school and that graphic design gig came my way and I worked long and hard as a graphic designer in London for 15 years, I did put in the hours, many, many, many hours. I did truly love design, creating beautiful literature for blue chip clients, branding and I worked on many London exhibitions. I loved typography and the different messages you could convey with a different type style.

One thing I did know was I wanted to run my own business, be my own boss, pick my own clients, come and go as I please, be in charge of my own destiny. My bosses always looked so…free and easy in big flash cars and dinner parties every weekend. I wanted some of that thank you very much. I now laugh at the thought of an easy life….nothing is easy when you start and run your own business, I seriously had no idea what was to come!

The straw that broke my camels back came when my sister phoned. I spend my entire lunch break moaning about work. How I hated office politics, commuting, working late night after late night for very little and doing work I didn’t agree with. My sis told me to stop moaning OR do something about it if I wasn’t happy.

What profound words to say to a head-strong, totally spontaneous, determined gal. I quit my job that day with nothing more than, a will to succeed, a mortgage to pay and a perpetually hungry cat.

To be continued…

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A Fiancee | Caffeine Addict | Chicken Lover (live ones of course) | Wants to be counselor | Shy at first but dipsy when I'm comfortable with someone | Giver of good advice that I seldom follow myself | Not yet matured beyond using innuendo and a sprinkle of sarcasm | Oh, and Founder of Oh So.

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