Beautiful wedding gifts…a little inspiration

If you’ve got a raft of weddings to attend this summer and are struggling to come up with the perfect gift, we’ve pulled together our list of products that we’re sure the happy couple will love. So if you want to give more than just money, take a look at these beautiful and quirky gifts.

A little light reading

The newlywed couple are sure to see the funny side to these pocket books. The first two were written nearly a century ago and give somewhat old-fashioned advice on marriage, relationships, children and life in general. The ‘How it works’ Ladybird books are filled with funny anecdotes about marriage. ‘This is a husband.  He may look complicated, but he is in fact very simple. He runs on sausages and beer.’ Any of these pocket books made a great quirky wedding gift for any happy couple.

GAR0478-2T Don'ts for Husbands and Wives from Oh So Cherished
Don’ts for Husbands/Wives
GAR034-2T How To Be A Good Wife from Oh So Cherished
How To Be A Good Wife/Husband
Husband / The Wive from Oh So Cherished- GAR2358
The Husband/Wife

Something to store memories

After the big day, they’re going to need somewhere to keep all those wonderful photos of friends and family celebrating alongside them so why not help them out and gift a beautiful wedding album? These deluxe albums offer a generous number of pages to keep those precious photos safe for years to come.

OHSO200-2T Deluxe Ivory Script Wedding Album from Oh So Cherished
Deluxe Ivory Script Wedding Album
'You, Me And All Our Gorgeous Guests' Guest Book from Oh So Cherished- OHSO1982
Gorgeous Guests Wedding Guest book

Something for the home

Household gifts have forever been a traditional gift at weddings to help the happy couple settle into their new home. Although the modern married couple may not be moving straight into a new home, they’ll still appreciate some homeware to share. These items can be personalised to provide unique elements for the home.

OHSO34533-2T Classic Leather Address Book from Oh So Cherished
Leather Address Book
ALL13-3T Personalised Heart Wine Glass from Oh So Cherished
Personalised Heart Wine Glass
OHSO718-2T Personalised Wooden Pizza Paddle from Oh So Cherished
Personalised Wooden Pizza Paddle
OHSO719-2T Personalised Wooden Concierge Tray from Oh So Cherished
Personalised Concierge Tray

Let’s celebrate…

There’s big cause for celebration, whether it’s on the big day or during the honeymoon!

ALL37-2T Congratulations Champagne Glass from Oh So Cherished
Congrats! Champagne Glass
ALL17-2T Pair of vintage Champange Glasses from Oh So Cherished
Set of 2 Vintage Champagne Glasses
OHSO8130-2T Personalised Champagne Stopper from Oh So Cherished
Personalised Champagne Stopper
ALL25-2T Personalised Name Champagne Glass from Oh So Cherished
Name Champagne Glass
OHSO8131-2T Personalised Wine Stopper from Oh So Cherished
Personalised Wine Stopper
Beautiful Wedding Gift Inspiration from Oh So Cherished

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