Announcing the Beautiful Bride Box!

OHW617 148 Personalised My Beautiful Bride Box from Oh So Cherished

So here’s some super exciting Bride Box news!

Our hugely popular ‘My Gorgeous Groom‘ Box now has its rightful partner by its side! A ‘My Beautiful Bride Box‘ version is now available (woohoo!). It’s the same size and finish as our original and will be personalised with the bride-to-be’s first name. So all you happy married couples-to-be can curate your beautiful boxes as a joint gift to eachother on the big day.


(Ladies, we’re primarily talking to you here…we know your Fiances probably aren’t organised enough to sort this out themselves!) So if you’re going to be creating an oh so special Groom Box for him, why not get a Bride Box too and make it a joint gift idea? Whether you decide to open them in the morning of your big day, during the reception or save them until you’re alone and open them together once the celebrations are over, it’s up to you!

Creating and compiling the perfect Groom and Bride boxes make the sweetest gift for you happy couples on the biggest day of your lives. Fill them with notes, photos, memories, mementoes and little gifts…essentially anything you like! We provide the beautifully personalised wooden box and you do the rest (though we’ve got lots of ideas to share with you…keep an eye on the blog for some inspiration coming your way soon!)

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve used one of our Groom or Bride Boxes, or if you’ve got any awesome ideas for what to pop in them! Share your ideas with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! #OhSoCherished

OHW617 151 Personalised My Beautiful Bride Box from Oh So Cherished
My Beautiful Bride Box
OHSO99 Personalised My Gorgeous Groom Box from Oh So Cherished
My Gorgeous Groom Box
OHSO99 - PErsonalised My Gorgeous Groom Box from Oh So Cherished
All our Groom and Bride boxes are natural, solid wood and expertly laser engraved by Rob in our studio!


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